Dantech SecurePoE Benchmark Innovation Awards Finalist

Benchmark magazine, the publication dedicated to innovation in the security sector, has announced that Dantech’s SecurePoE technology has been nominated and selected as a Finalist in the Infrastructure category of the Benchmark Innovation Awards, 2016.

Judged by the Benchmark test team and industry professionals, the Awards recognise products that enhance and advance the delivery of secure, flexible and beneficial solutions, rewarding innovative thinking in the delivery of benefits through those advanced security solutions.

Benchmark test of SecurePoE

Dantech Electronic Engineering, the UK manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment designed specifically for security applications, has been awarded Benchmark magazine’s ‘Recommended’ status for its SecurePoE product range.

The magazine awarded the coveted Recommended status after thorough testing of the Dantech DA1110-IN-4-G SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS, under varied conditions, and using a wide range of cameras, access control devices, telephony and non-security PoE-equipped peripherals.

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The Benchmark ‘Recommended’ Dantech range of SecurePoE products includes indoor and outdoor (IP66 rated) Midspan and Multispan models. The Midspan units are designed for use with separate network switches, while the Multispan models include a Cisco switch, with single, 2 or 4 ports, or 4 and 8 port 19” rack-mount enclosure models.

The magazine’s testers commended Dantech’s SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS on its security, simple set-up and build-quality, and noted a consistent power delivery, with all channels delivering on full load, saying:

“The SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS delivers a good degree of performance, and deserves the ‘Secure’ part of its name.”

Offering the same functionality as Dantech’s SecurePoE range of products but supplied as standard with replaceable high-quality Yuasa stand-by battery packs, the SecurePoE MultispanUPS tested is designed to provide uninterruptable, highly-reliable PoE power for any network device, in a secure and practical package.

Dantech SecurePoE MultispanUPS protects connected devices from service interruption during any mains failure or network outage. This allows PoE connected devices such as IP cameras or edge recording devices to maintain their operation. Dantech SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS products also allow installers to connect to PoE powered devices simply and quickly – meaning easier installation, set-up and maintenance. They provide true uninterruptable power, avoiding camera reboot time and valuable video footage being missed, and ensure system installers and security teams can retain total control of security systems, without the need to implement changes through an IT department or 3rd party supplier.

Additionally, SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS can be used to relieve pressure on existing UPS systems, whilst economically extending stand-by times. Multi-port versions afford streamlined power protection, meaning users can manage power quality and availability from one central point, rather than via the complications of managing multiple, disparate outlets - one centralized Dantech SecurePoE MidspanUPS protects all connected devices.

In their verdict of the Dantech SecurePoE MultispanUPS, the Benchmark test team said:

In modern security systems, a consistent power delivery – and a degree of resilience to keep systems running is essential.
Increasingly, Benchmark is meeting installers and integrators who are reporting that more end users are not simply demanding a degree of resilience from their systems, but are seeking evidence that proper steps are being taken. The implementation of secure and monitored power serves that purpose, and as such the SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS from Dantech has to be recommended.

The full Benchmark magazine Dantech SecurePoE MultiSpanUPS test can be read here.